Tips For Making PowerPoint Presentations More Attractive

Presentations are one of the most used resources in the world of education. In the classroom, we use them to present content to our students, to other classmates, in meetings, training sessions, presentations and congresses or even in competitive examinations and specific tests.

Sort The Content

A presentation is a story; as such, it needs an introduction, a plot, and an ending. Before getting down to work, making a structured script with all the parts is very convenient.

A Good Beginning And End

While the presentation begins, the title will be seen on the screen, so this slide should appear for a long time. It must be well cared for because it will be the audience’s first contact with our work.

The title, in which the purpose is summarized, should engage, attract attention and create interest in your audience from the first minute.

Less is more; ‘the rule of four’

“The good thing is brief twice good”. In our presentation, we should always keep in mind the idea of ​​simplifying the information and relieving the slides of any unnecessary elements.

To do this, always keep in mind the ‘rule of four’; never include more than four concepts or images on the same slide, as this is the maximum information that can be stored in working memory.

A Presentation In Three Points

Regardless of how long or complex it is, you should be able to summarize it in three key points or ‘highlights’.

Your audience probably won’t remember much of it after a few days, but you should make sure those three key points are burned into their memories.

One Topic Per Slide

Mixing multiple topics on the same slide dilutes the message, confuses your audience, and makes it difficult for you (as a speaker) to deliver a coherent presentation.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is to set one theme per slide. This way, the information is divided into pieces that are easier to assume, understand, follow and remember.

Illustrate, Do Not Transcribe

This work complements what you are going to present in person, and it is visual support; therefore, you should not include all the text that you will say on the slides. Your audience will not be able to read and pay attention to you at the same time.

A simple headline, an image and a concept will suffice. In this way, you will also avoid focusing on reading what it says on the slide since, if you do, you will show a lack of confidence when transmitting.

Do not forget about social networks.

Suppose the work is projected at a conference or congress. In that case, it is advisable to include the reference to the different social networks to share your work with others and facilitate a debate about it among professionals in the sector.

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